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RICHAP Original music and art by Ricardo Chappe

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My last video

My music is non return music. It is natural for me to compose one way songs, like life itself, almost without repeating melodies. When I compose I feel as if I were looking at a fluent river going and going. My music sounds like you feel about it. The matter is that I don't compose the same style all the time. In 1 album you can listen so different instruments, ritms and textures, that you would not believe that the same person composed them. I hope you'll enjoy it. What I highly enjoy is traduce all the textures, colors, sensations, all what it happens to me, changing moods and soul states. For me, variations are essential. I need to change materials, instruments, sounds and shapes. I'm talking about my art in general. Once my sculpture or music is traditional, but later I need to jump and break those shapes. My art is soft, aggressive, harmonious, disgusting, and I always look for a final harmony.

Mi música es música sin retorno. Es mi forma de componer, casi sin repetir melodías. Cuando compongo siento como si las armonías fueran un río que fluye y nada de lo que veo volverá a pasar por ahí. Mi música suena como tú la sientas. Me gusta componer en distintos estilos y combinaciones de sonidos y mis temas no parecen ser compuestos por el mismo autor. Texturas, colores, materiales y ritmos es lo que intento traducir, como si estuviera pintando, con distintos estados de ánimo e intenciones. Mi arte en general es así, cambiante. Es agesivo, suave, imperativo, sumiso, disgustante y contemplativo, pero siempre buscando una final armonía.


<iframe src="" width="400" height="300" frameborder="0"></iframe> <a href="">DEMO1StrongMusicByRichap</a> from <a href="">Richap</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.

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