“My hair has always been a problem. I’ve been overlooked for modeling jobs because of my hair. Photographers and hair stylists want to work with girls with manageable hair. Mine is far from manageable – any attempts to straighten it were always in vain, with my hair becoming frizzy again within a couple of hours, especially when I’m doing photo shoots in humid climates. Over the years, I’ve tried so many straightening products promising me “frizz-free” hair, but none of them worked. And, what’s more, many of them seemed to be damaging my hair further.”

But then Kara found Elixir Hair Mask and Reconstructor

“Being in the modeling industry, you tend to think that you know about every beauty product on the market. Strangely enough, I found out about Elixir Hair Mask and Reconstructor through my sister. We have the same type of hair, and over the years we have shared so many stories of product failures. So when she recommended Elixir Hair Mask and Reconstructor, I was skeptical but I gave it a try. And it worked. I was so surprised when I was on location in Cairns Australia and I was just waiting for my hair to frizz, but it didn’t! I’d finally found the solution to my hair problems!”

So easy to use …

“It’s so simple to use. All I do is shampoo my hair with special keratin shampoo, then blow dry it. Then I apply the product to my hair and comb it through to achieve total coverage. I let it sit for about 15 minutes and then blow-dry it again. Then I start the straightening process. I use an old-fashioned ceramic iron, the same iron I have always used to straighten my hair. But with this product, the hard work is worth! By using the Elixir Shampoo and Conditioner following the treatment, my hair stays manageable for months.”

Peace of mind that the product is all-natural …

“It feels so good to know that the Elixir products are chemical-free. When I think of the damage I have done to my hair over the years with all the chemicals I’ve put on it, it is great to finally have a product that is natural and won’t damage my hair. And the pomegranate smell is just gorgeous!”

And Kara’s modeling career is now on the rise …

“I don’t know if it is just the added confidence of knowing my hair is now under control, but I’ve been working twice as much since finding this miracle product. No one would ever know that I’m prone to frizzy hair. My hair always looks sleek, smooth and luxurious and I am now winning jobs because of my hair! Thank you Elixir Hair Mask and Reconstructor!”

Find out more about Elixir Hair Mask and Reconstructor and other great products at

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